The Blue Ocean SPA392M 52″ – Our Shower Panel Tower Top Pick

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If you want the experience of a luxury spa-like shower with rain head drenching you from above and body jets spraying at you from the wall, along with other bells & whistles, but don’t have the budget to spend literally thousands of dollars on a custom shower remodel, then a shower panel system could be the perfect item for you.

Shower panel systems (also called shower towers or shower columns) are becoming quite popular because of their ease of installation, functionality, inexpensive cost, and great looks. It’s quite common to see them being used on popular DIY network shows, such as HGTV’s Bath Crashers.

They only require minimal assembly, and attach to your existing shower wall with an included wall mount bracket. Only a small amount of plumbing work needs to be done to convert an existing shower valve to a hot/cold water supply box, to be ready for the new shower panel system.

And best of all, these shower panel units cost only a few hundred dollars (upwards to $1000 if you have a taste for higher quality and design).

Here at Tile Shower DIY, we created a thorough review of all the top shower panel systems on the market, filtering through their quality, styles/designs, customer reviews, prices, and more, to come up with our Top Picks for the best shower panel systems to buy.

This SPA392M model by Blue Ocean comes in consistently in our Top 3, with a 4.5 Star review rating on Amazon from over 250 positive customer reviews, ranked #2 out of all shower panels, and has all of the standard features, plus some nice additional ones, for only about $270-300.  In fact, some models that cost over $500 don’t have all of the features this shower panel system has.

Key Features of the Blue Ocean SPA392M Shower Tower

  • Includes a tub spout – this is essential if you’re installing in an existing tub/shower combo, because you’ll be taking away the existing tub spout. Many shower panel systems do NOT include a tub spout, only being designed for use in a shower only situation
  • 8 adjustable body spray nozzles – ensure wide area of coverage from the massaging body jets spraying horizontally out from the shower panel
  • Includes a handheld shower wand – great for multiple uses like bathing pets, or in handicapped accessible showers where the use of a wand is helpful
  • LED temperature display – know exactly what temperature water is coming out before stepping into the shower (powered by AA battery easily replaceable from the bottom side of the unit)
  • Tempered mirror glass surface – adds to the modern, sleek design of the unit
  • Quality construction – aluminum alloy frame ensures the unit is light (32 lbs) and won’t rust or corrode, along with the handheld shower head hose being made of chrome-plated brass
  • Rainfall head – enjoy the soothing sensation of being drenched by gentle raindrops of water completely covering you from above
  • 52″ tall from top to bottom – larger size than some cheaper models that are only about 36″ or so

Customer Shares Review & Installation of Blue Ocean SPA392M On Video

In this video, a customer shares on video the features of this shower panel system made by Blue Ocean, and also shows how he modified his existing tub/shower space to be receptive for the new SPA392M shower column:

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A Look On The Back Side of the SPA392M Shower Panel System:


Our Video Review On YouTube of the Blue Ocean SPA392M Shower Tower: